High Diving

High Diving

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"Mad Waves" Swimsuit

Make waves!   
Extra durable fabric for thrilling adventures from the rocks or chill-out sessions at the pool during the beach season 2019.

  • Elastic, Durable, Chlorine Resistant

  • 53% Polyester, 47% PTB

52,00 €
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"Supernature"Men's Briefs

…is it a bird? …is it a plane… ? …its a new desiiiign!

Created by powerhouse Michal Supratil. 

Extra durable for the extra extreme MadHoppers.

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Design delivered by Michal Navratil.

35,00 €

Mad Shammies

  • New Mad Hoppers Chamois Sports Swimers Instant Drying Aqua Watersports Swimming Towel
  • Soft super absorbent quick drying material
  • Compact and lightweight, Please note colour may vary from the attached images ASSORTED
  • Easy to store and Ideal for poolside or gym use
  • 40cm X 30cm PVA Foam
12,00 €
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